About us

When you become a mother, you are very very busy. It is difficult to shop and find good, safe outfits for your babies when you are very busy.

Babybee is built by a mother as well, to ease other mothers’ job. It is designed to be very easy to shop, choose and pay. Everything on the web site is chosen to be safe and comfortable for babies. We make sure we have high quality products and the prices are acceptable. After all we know that some of these outfits will be worn once or twice, therefore try to avoid very expensive outfits. 

We know each of our producers in person; we visit their manufacturing facilities whenever possible and put every effort to make sure their production is socially responsible.

We are a small company based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are hoping to get bigger so that we can buy at better terms for you. We also don't want to get too big, not to loose the personal touch we hope you will find.

Hope you enjoy our products and also our services. If you would like to comment about any issue feel free to contact us.

Seza Onur

Babybee Founder