Why do you need them:

This is the basic, most frequently item you will need until around the 3rd year. Because babies don’t tend to keep their shirts in their pants, you need bodies to ensure their back and tummies are always covered with clothing. Usually a body alone is not enough to dress your newborn, so think of them as underwear. This is what your baby wears under everything else he wears. This is why it is wise to start your shopping with bodies. You can never have enough of them.

How to choose them:

Kimono bodies: All bodies snap at the croutch so that you can change the diaper easily. There are usually two or three snaps. This is the easy part because it is standard. A newborn is a little trickier to dress then a 6 month old. To meet their specail needs, kimono bodies are used. In addition to snapping at the bottom, they also snap in front either on left or right side of the body. This is a very handy feature for a new mom. To dress the baby, you lay down the body all open and then put the baby on top. Then you will need to slide the two little arms in and snap in front. That’s it. No garment over the head and no fear for baby. Until around 6 months, you may opt for at least some kimono bodies. After around 3 months you will have a decreasing need for them and that is why they are usually produced for up until 6 months.

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Regular bodies:

After six months you will feel more comfortable dressing your baby mostly because you are now competent at it but also because she gets easier to handle. For babies who are more cooperative and bigger from the begining, you can choose to use regular bodies from the start of course. This is not complicated. They will all snap at croutch.

There are just two types you will find with slight differences on the neck line. The first one is the american style, there are no snaps around the neck or the back but the bodies is kind of folded at the shoulders. This allows you to pass the head easily. They are good for everyday looks but may become a little to large on the neck in time. The second style is more european with some sort of snapping around the neck area, usually on one of the shoulders or at the back. These are also good for everyday use and allow for more styles. They also seem to fit the neck line better and longer.

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