Caps or Bonnets

WHY YOU NEED THEM This may be the first thing you have noticed about your baby’s pyhsical features, especially when he is painfully coming out during labor. He has a big head, in comparison to his body. This cute but huge had is the biggest source of body heat loss due to its size and proportion. Caps and bonnets exist to help you regulate your baby’s body temprature during the first six months. Use them carefully though, because it cuts both ways. On a cold day, especially when you are outside but maybe even when you are interiors, use a cap to stop your baby from loosing too much heat. Some moms prefer to use one while the baby is a sleep or during the night when generally the temprature goes down. However, if it is a hot day, do not use a cap as it will slow down the respiration process. Also it is wise to choose cotton styles in order to avoid overheating. If you need to use a cap to protect your baby from sunshine, which is also very important, check his body temprature from his chest to make sure he is not overheated. Another issue with the cap is the cradle cap. Some young babies tend to have dandruff like textures over their skin especially during the first 4 months. If this is the case with your little one, a cap or a bonnet will make it worse. HOW TO BUY THEM You may not need to buy any and yet have enough of them. They are usually a part of newborn gift sets. If you do your laundry often enough 3-4 bonnets should be enough until you land at the six month mark. If you buy them it is better to choose 100% cotton fabric. Click here to take a look at our collection of caps, bonnets and sets which include caps.