About your order

Shipment of your order:

Since we know by experience that moms are busy, really busy, we try to make it very simple and practical to shop on Babybee. Here is what happens when you place an order:

-       We ship your order the morning following reception of your payment.

-       We have all of our stock here in Geneva. We immediately prepare your package.

-       We always ship your package in priority and you always pay economic fee of CHF 7.00. Consider it a gift from us.

-       If we have a question about your order, this process may be delayed. We communicate immediately with you to reduce the delay as much as possible.

-       This is how you get your order within 3 days at your door.

Payment for your order:

You can simply pay by wire transfer or PayPal.

E-mails from Babybee.ch after your order:

You will typically get 3 e-mails from us: First one confirming that we have received your order, second one confirming the reception of your payment and the last one confirming that we have shipped your order.

Do let us know if you have not received your package 3 days after you have received the “order shipped” e-mail.

Returning or exchanging a product:

You can return any product within 30 days after your order. To return or exchange a product simply send it to us by mail with the invoice and the labels.

If you would like to return it, we will reimburse your account with the amount you have paid for the product. Mailing fees are not reimbursed.

If you would like to exchange a product, we will send you the new one with the usual order process and timings immediately after its reception. Let us know which product you would prefer by e-mail. The mailing fee of the new product will be covered by us, we will use EcoPost service for this second shipment.

If the product you would like to return is worth less then 14 CHF, we may offer you a gift certificate equal to its value to save both parties the shipping cost. This offer is considered on a case-by-case bases and applies only if you wish to accept it.

Cancelling your order:

If you change your mind and would like to cancel part or all of your order, please notify us by e-mail before you receive the “order shipped” e-mail.  Cancellation after the order’s is shipment is still possible but will be treated as return or exchange.

Last minute additions to your order:

If you would like to add more items to your order you can do so before before you receive the “order shipped” e-mail. We will manually add the items on your behalf and include it in the same shipment. If you add an item after shipment, this will be a new shipment with a separate shipping fee. 


We will not share for any reason, any part of your personal information with a third party unless it is lawfully enforced. Simply put, we will not give anyone your name, address, e-mail, phone number or order details.


We will never use your phone number to communicate any commercial messages. You will not get a sale message from us. We may occasionally call you to clarify order or payment issues.

We would like to send you occasional e-mails about our promotions, sales, events and some personal offers for you. If you would like to stop receiving these e-mails all you need to do is send a message to info@babybee.ch. In any case, our e-mails will never be more frequent than once per week on average for a given month.