Organic wool underwear collection for boys, girls and babies

What is the secret behind a long fun day with kids in the snow?


Sure, the waterproof clothing and down jacket is a powerful guard against the cold yet that’s not the secret. The secret is underneath :)

A warm, comfortable pair of wool underpants and soft undershirts is what makes kids go on and on in the snow.  Try our organic wool underwear series and be prepared to get hit with infinite snowballs!

These underpants and undershirts made from 70% organic cotton and blended with 30% silk will keep your little one warm yet not toasty. Best part of it all, these underwear are machine washable! Enjoy your Swiss winter :)

Take a look for your kid now:

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7 reasons to love the LivingCrafts organic line:

  • 70% organic virgin wool, 30% silk, 100% organic fabric
  • Feels light and soft
  • Machine washable easily and safely at 30 degrees
  • Absorbs water
  • Repels odour
  • Keeps body warm
  • And does not overheat