We call them pyjamas but they will be your newborns main form of outfit througout the day. There are many varieties to choose from. Here we try to provide some guidance on pros and cons of popular styles. One piece, two piece, three piece... Or maybe even more pieces if you add a bib and a cap. For a newborn with an umbilical cord still on, the one piece is the best choice. Some moms like the practicality of it so much that they always use one piece PJs even after the umbilical cord is gone. Two piece PJs with a t-shirt on top and pants at the bottom are also popular, basically because you can change just the upper or the lower part when it gets dirty or wet. The downside is you always need a body underneeth to keep the baby properly covered. The rest of the pieces are just accesories, a vest for example to warm up on a cold day or a bib to keep up with a big vomitter. It is best to start with one pieces at the very beginning and then add a little varity to see what suits you and your baby best. In all cases however, be sure to dress your baby with a body as an underwear in the beginning. Choose the long sleeve styles even in summer for use especially at nights. Click here to take a look at our collection of pyjamas. Snaps at back or front: You may have already noticed that most of the styles in Europe, especailly in Francophone countries snap at the back. On the other hand Americans and some other countries have a preference for the snaps all the way in front types. We have a strong preference in this topic. A newborn, indeed any baby under 12 months, need to sleep on her back. This is the first thing your pediatrician will tell you. Your newborn will be sleeping for no less then 14 hours a day in the begining and that is a lot of time spent lying on your back. PJs, and also bodies that snap at the back may be a cause of discomfort for your baby lying on his back. This is why we strongly suggest PJs that snap in front. You may ask, ok then why do they have plenty of snap-at-the-back PJs. Our answer would be because they really look cute. Some moms also find it easier to dress and change a baby that way. Click here to take a look at our collection of pyjamas that dominantly snap in front. Footed or not footed: This is not actually a question about PJs, but rather about socks. All little newborn feet seem to inherently know how to get rid of a pair of socks in about half an hour. You will be amazed at how quickly they come off. Most mothers find footed PJs a much realiable solution for that repeated incident. If you choose footed PJs you may not even have to look for a matching sock in the middle of the night. It is better to start with footed, one piece PJs for a newborn. Yet the non-footed models continue to exist and underneeth lies another fact. Babies are notorious for growing out of clothing in speed of light. The non-footed varieties tend to last longer as baby’ gets taller. When you get tired of buying clothing all the time, go for the non footed PJs at least for daytime wear. We love the footed one piece PJs at night though. Click here to take a look at our collection of pyjamas that dominantly snap in front.