The newborn dressing guide: Shoes

Do you need them?

We know some mothers who do think that no outfit is complete without a pair of mary janes for their little girls. Others find it unnecessary in most circumstances. Whichever camp you are on, be prepared for frequent pick up of shoes while you stroll down the street. Like socks, shoes tend to come off of baby feet so quickly it is hard to catch up. Our opinion is that you baby won’t need any shoes until she walks but you may need your baby to have shoes for the looks of it.

How to buy them:

For an infant who doesn’t yet walk or even sit, there are a few rule of thumbs. First of all his shoes need to be light weight. They certainly must not be too small. Lastly they must have a very soft, flexible sole. Keeping these in mind, the best way to pick a shoe for your pair of little feet is to try them on. Go on to a shop and give your favorite styles a try to see if you can put them on and if they are the right size.

The infant shoe size charts seem to be the most unreliable of all infant clothing. We have seen many size 20 shoes some of which are good for the same baby at 3 months, others are too big until after 9 months. Therefore we don’t sell them on Babybee until we can sort this issue out. We may come up with newborn shoes made just to keep feet warm, when we find a collection good enough to offer you.