The newborn dressing guide: Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags:

These are indeed an ingenious invention. Your wiggling baby will be quick to get rid of any sort of cover you provide, early in the night. With loose covers like close knit blankets and duvets, there is the risk of increased SIDS (that is sudden infant death syndrome). A sleeping bag will save you and your baby from all these risks. However not all babies are fond of them, so if you are planning to use sleeping bags do so from the start.

How to buy them:

The sleeveless styles that snap at the shoulder and also have some sort of zipper, snap at the bottom for diaper change are the most practical. Weather permitting, always go for the cotton ones but since we all live in Switzerland you may need some fleece ones depending on season. Make sure it is the right size for your baby, that is it is not to big, big enough so that she will get tangled in it or make his way inside.

It is a good idea to buy one to get you started and continue buying if you both like it. Depending on your laundry schedule 2 or 3 bags should be enough. Do change the size as your baby grows.

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